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Brand Control

Your brand is a crucial asset that requires consistency in all your communications. From invoices to brochures, from digital pitching decks to marketing campaigns, the brand should be tightly controlled to ensure your tone of voice and presentation are providing the right message.


Brand Asset Control

All the brand assets that you want to be used are in one centralised location, that is only accessible by authorised personnel. This means you can rest assured that your colleagues and staff are using the correct and the latest versions of logos, images and resources.

Any time that authorised updates are made, all changes will be automatically updated in every product and template for the future. Consistency and continuity are assured.


Template & Product Approval

Our platform has the facility to enable an approval process on specific templates or products. This means that when these templates or products are ordered by a member of staff, the order will have to be approved by the authorised account administrators that you have assigned. This is typically a marketing manager or even a design manager.


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