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ISO 1400 Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate


ISO 9001 Quality as standard

William Pollard and Co. Ltd T/A Pollards Print (The full service production facility behind brandhub360) has achieved ISO 9001 and ISO12647-2 accreditations since 2007 and 2011 independently audited and certified by BAB.


Environmental Credentials backed by ISO 14001

Pollards are committed to reducing their impact on the environment and we continually look for ways to control waste and energy usage. Over the past 5 years we have substantially reduced our Carbon Footprint which demonstrates our commitment to the Environment whilst maintaining our customers’ supply chain credentials.

We only print on FSC papers.

All Pollards paper suppliers are environmentally responsible companies and have their credentials vigorously checked annually by Sheldon Wannell – Pollard’s Director of Strategic Project Delivery Inc. QEMS (Quality and Environmental Management Systems).

All of pollards inks are vegetable based, environmentally friendly products and we have increased their usage efficiency by over 25% over the past 3 years using new technologies.


Over the past 5 years we also have:

  • Contributed to a greener supply chain in holding our suppliers to a higher environmental credential level
  • Installed a ‘Power regulator’ which reduces the power consumption of our factory by approximately 15% per annum.
  • In 2016-2018 we moved to low chemistry and eco plates CTP system, new CTP system with profiling software which provides enhanced print plate capability with minimal ink requirements.
  • In line with the latest technology in 2018-2019 (April to March) we transitioned to a new Agfa Energy Elite Eco thermal printing plate with new upgraded Agfa Arkana low-chemistry plate processor.
  • Part of the EEE plate project included the implementation of Agfa InkTune software. This solution delivers up to a 30% saving in the amount of ink required for four-colour process printing on the Heidelberg XL75 B2 lithographic press.
  • Reduced wastage to landfill, split waste streams to increase recycled element – Coastal Waste from Sept 2017 now DMR separated. 2017 (September) – Following a review of our waste system Pollards introduced a separate dry mixed recycling (DMR) stream with new supplier Coastal Recycling Ltd. During 2018-2019 we produced 17.54 tonnes of DMR, all of which was sent for recycling, as opposed to landfill. Soon after we realised that we could reduce the number of landfill skip collections from one a week, to one a fortnight and reducing the environmental impact of vehicle collections by 50%.
  • Using green renewable energy suppliers, this has reduced our carbon footprint by at least half.
  • We actioned regular planned plant shutdown procedures across several areas of the factory including compressors and aircon units for digital equipment. This saves an estimated 2,005 kwh per annum.
  • Worked in an ISO accredited environment and have achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • When purchasing equipment, we look for best practice technology that considers reducing environmental impact as part of our purchasing decisions.
  • During 2019 Pollard’s joined the national “Cycle to work” scheme and have invested in a cycle shelter for Oak House. Plan for 25% using the scheme by Q4 2021


Ongoing Activities

  • Feasibility study for solar panels & feed in tariffs to be reviewed to see if investment meets ROI targets, due end Q1 2021
  • Investigation of LED lighting and a new efficiency boiler for Oak House, due end Q1 2021
  • A hybrid company Cars/Van policy feasibility study is being completed.




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